Name: Andrew Chilvers

Revealed to Earth: March '84
Role in band: Bass plucking to the extreme
Equipment: Epiphone Thunderbird, Torque T1001EB


Name: Simon Horne

squirmed out: May '84
Role in band: Keeping the beat, with the odd nice little tink
Equipment: Tama Swingster, 3 (10" 12" &14") tom set up with Zildjian A & A custom cymbals


Name: Tom Patterson

Deposited: Nov '83
Role in band: Melodic guitars and vocalisation
Equipment: Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Marshall MG series 250DFX


Name: Duncan Ward

Test tube broke: Jun '84
Role in band: Screeming guitars and throaty words
Equipment: Squire Jagmaster, Fender Jazzmaster, Marshall TSL 100 with 1960A cab.

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