Killing Pablo band history:

KP hail from the lush, green Surrey hills and are based in and around Dorking. The band started when two best friends, Tom Patterson and Duncan Ward, went off to Nottingham University together in September 2002. They had played music together previously in the local band Vigilante Tantrum, where Tom had been the drummer and Duncan one of the Guitarists/vocalists. In Nottingham, Tom moved to guitar and they began to write songs together. Over the course of their first year at university they had amassed a collection of songs which they liked and were ready to start taking the band seriously. It was at the start of the summer of 2003 when they approached their best friends Simon Horne and Andrew Chilvers, (Chil being the bass player from VT, and Si being a long-time friend who is a good drummer.) who had recently returned from traveling around the world together, to complete their band. Thus KP was born.

The four piece began practicing furiously and in September of the same year they went into the studio for the first time to record their four-track demo: "While you weren’t listening" with Chris Hamilton at Peak Studios in Coulsdon. Their first live performance took place at an open mic evening in the Prince of Wales pub in Reigate, where they played four songs. From there they have played the Cartoon Club in Croydon several times with bands such as Half Arsed, The Downfall and their good friends Old Firm Derby. As well as a gig at the Greyhound in Redhill with the Bottlenex and the mighty Route 215. The thing that capped off their year was a review of their demo by the e-zine which can be viewed here.

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