1 March 2005
As youre probably all aware by now Killing Pablo has split up. Si has gone to join Quitting Cynicism full time. Tom, Chil and myself are gonna carry on when we find a new drummer, but were gonna change the name. I asked Si to give some sort of official statement, he hasnt done this, but heres what he wrote on the board:

"I dont really know where to begin with this message. i cant tell you how truly sorry i am to have inflicted this bombshell on three of my dearest friends. the decision i have made is by no way any kind of mallicious attack on you all but i sincerly hope you guys know me well enough not to view it like that. its just that over the past few months my lack of band has become all too apparant for me and i realised that to preserve what little sanity i had left i had to take charge of my life. i looked at you all with the new lives that you had forged for yourselves at uni and abroad and then took a look at myself and became very concerned that i was being left behind and passing up opportunities that i mite have really wanted to take but was much to afraid of hurting three of the best friends i could ever hope for.with this in mind, im sure you can see that something had to be done.

I'd personally like to thank everyone who bothered to come and support us and watched me flail around around trying to be some sort of flashy punk drummer and clearly failing in the process. thank you aswell to tom,dunc and chil who earmarked me as their drummer from day one. i cant tell what a sweet opportunity you guys gave me. thankyou"

Incidentally, the board is now gone. In its place is a link to other local band sites and such, with boards where I will now be spending most of my cyber time. Ive decided to keep the website online though, with a few changes, so people can still download the songs. The shows page has been updated with a full list of all the shows we played and who we played them with.
Here are a few quotes from our lyrics that I think are particularly poignant at this time:
On old friends rely. False Revolutionaries
I cant sleep at night, knowing this momentum might end. Lets Not Assume
Why do we have to move away to know the value of our friends? Streets are for the Living

Thats all. Dunc

18 February 2005
Hey guys, things are afoot in the world of KP. Firstly Chilverine and I went down to the Nottingham University radio station studios the other day and recorded a few songs and short interview for our good friend Rob Sniper Wolf, who has an unsigned show on Sunday nights. The session will be aired a week on sunday, the 27th I believe, between 7 and 8pm. You can listen to the show over the internet at www.urn1350.net and you should all listen in this week (20th, between 7 and 8 - just to hammer it home!) because our good friends Chalk 4 are doing a session. Plus, Rob SW told me he'd downloaded our new tracks and was gonna play some this week because he loves them somuch, which was particularly nice of him to say.

Secondly i spoke to Mr Tommy P a couple of days ago, via the medium of telephone. It was lovely to hear his voice. The little chappy is on a reading week and so decided to take a road trip with some friends to Vegas and Mexico! Needless to say, he was in high spirits after jovial endeavours such as being thrown out of a night club for being too drunk! Anyway, I hope you'll all join me in wishing him well and wishing him home so we can start playing gigs again.

Lastly, i'd like to urge you to head over to the spanking new Quitting Cynicism site, www.ennything.com (bit of an unfortunate URL!) Even though they still havn't put a link to us (the lazy bastards!) they have got some cool stuff. Be sure to check out their profiles and download their 3 tracks.

Thats all for now kiddies, take care. Dunc.

p.s. the day our radio session goes out, Sea Radier are also recording one, so be sure to check their site for when its on air.

January 2005
Hey kids, update time again. Just thought I'd fill you in on what's been going down with KP recently. The christmas holidays meant a reunification of the band with the return of Tommy from Canada. We had a few pretty sweet practices and were lucky enough to play a couple of parties. Firstly at 'Turkey stock' the follow up (and festive variant) to the legendary 'Chicken stock' hosted by our good friend Mr Joey Pesticide. I think a great night was had by all, playing with the cream of dorking bands - Quitting Cynicism, Sea Raider, Blank Generation and the Tourettes. And lets not forget our old buddies Chalk Four from dirty dirty Croydon! A few days after that we played with Sea Raider and QC again at Mikey's party which was awesome, although i think our decision of playing first paid off because Sea Raider and far more noticably QC, were a little worse for ware due to drink. Who would have thought it eh? Anyway the holidays are over and once again we've gone our seperate ways for the next few months. Myself and Mr Chilvers are back in Nottingham and Tommy Pablo is back in Canada. Mr Horne is still in Dorktown though so go hassle him at work in Eric Lindsey's 'Electirc Lindsey land' - or whatever that neon sign says. Take it easy guys. Dunc KP


14 November 2004
Hey guys, long time no update. Thought i'd let you all know what's been going down.
Tommy's taken a leave of absence to go and learn stuff in Canada, which is why Killing Pablo have been pretty quiet recently. He's coming back for Christmas though, so hopefully we'll have a gig to celebrate his return, keep checking back for further details.

If anyone reads the message board, then you probably know that Chilvers and myself played an acoustic set of covers and KP songs in the Happy Return pub here in Nottingham. It went down pretty well, even though all the other acts played very serious, very slow mournful songs and we came out and belted through our acoustified punk.

In other news, due to popular demand i've got some more MP3's for you to get your teeth into. Two of the eight songs we recorded over the summer, which we havn't decided what to do with yet because we're waiting for Tommy's return to unleash them into the public domain, but i thought you could have a sneak preview! Head over to the MP3 page and check 'em out.

Muchos love, until next time. Dunc

18 August 2004
Hello one and all, just a quick message to let you know that we're playing at BOB's party in Newdigate this friday with the outstanding Sea Raider and the amazingly talented (yet still beautiful, how do they do it?) Ennything. Get in contact with Sea Raider if you wanna come and they'll give you directions. www.searaider.tk

30 July 2004 Hey - Guess what! Boofrod records web site is up and running. It's not finished yet but a good start has been made. Check it out at www.boofrod records.com.

23 July 2004
Hello one and all! It's been a long time since the last news post and there's been a few developments in the world of KP. Firstly our good friends Old Firm Derby have changed their name to Chalk Four. For a brief explanation of why visit their site, (still oldfirmderbyonline.com) and for a more full explanation send them an e-mail.

Secondly it looks like we might actually have a couple of gigs coming up (hard to believe, i know!) hopefully we're gonna play the Oxford date of the Chalk Four / Sniper Wolf tour in August, more details to follow. We're also hoping to have a little rit-ne-roo at the shindig at Tommy P's party, again more details to follow.

Biggest news of all though is the forthcoming recording session with Chris Hamilton. I've literally just this second had it confirmed, but i'm not giving the game away on it, I'll just say that it's gonna be the best goddamn thing we've ever done! Keep checking back for more news and gig details, take care of yourselves and one another and all that hippy shit! Du-can the Toucan

p.s. more pics coming soon too!


14th May 2004
Our good, good friends Old Firm Derby are playing in sunny Wimbledon on the 26th May. It would be awesome to see some hardcore Dorkinians there to show our support. Details are on their site including a link with directions to the club. Should be a wicked night, hope to see some of you there. Dunc KP


2nd May 2004
We wanna say a big thank you to everyone who came out to the gig in Ockley last night. I don't think Ockley has ever been known as a mecca for punks, but maybe from now on Also we wanna thank Jake for sorting it all out and asking us to play, as well as all the other bands who were amazing. Blank Generation covering a Vigilante Tantrum song - awesome. Lastly, Joe should get all the credit he deserves for having the balls to stand up and play on his own and for being so good. Cheers to eeryone for making it such a good night. - Killing Pablo


8th April 2004
Two more bands have been added to the bill at Ockley village hall on the 1st of May: 'Surplus' and 'Sea Raider'. Doors open at 7:00pm, we should have some tickets for sale otherwise it's 2 on the door. Should be a wicked night.


7th April 2004
Howdy all! Everyone needs to keep the evening of Saturday May 1st free because we've got a gig in Ockley village hall. It promises to be a wicked night of good local music, so far i believe 'Blank Generation' are also playing, who are awesome, and more bands are yet to be confirmed. There's a small fee on the door, but it'll probably only be a couple of quid. Hope to see you all there, more details will be posted (including directions!) when i have them. Dunc KP


8th March 2004
Check out the latest review by Punktastic.com of our split ep with Old Firm Derby here:


6th February 2004
The website has been updated to include the cover and mp3's from the new split with OFD. Check out the mp3's page. Plus there are new and terrifying pics of the band in the members section......


4th February 2004
We've got an upcoming gig at the Punk Soc Party on Saturday 7th Feb - check out the SHOWS page for more info


20th January 2004
Hail all, the website is evolving day by day. The band members section has got a little bit of info now, MP3's should also have gone up today, as will a guestbook so you can tell us what you think of the site. Not too much other news, we're playing at Joe's birthday shindig on 6th February, anyone that knows Joe should badger him to let them come! Plus we should hopefully have a gig in the Nottingham area the next day, or definitely around that time, probably at Junction 7 if anyone in Notts is reading this. As soon as that's confirmed i'll get it posted in the shows section. Anyway, revision looms, laterz.


21st December 2003
Okay today I have some important news. Weve just finished our second recording, a split EP with our good friends OLD FIRM DERBY at peak studios with the coolest guy in the world, Chris Hamilton. Were still waiting around for the art work and a name for it, but the recording is done and were very happy. Each band recorded three songs and the track listing will be:

killing pablo - fortress Europe
old firm derby - (untitled at the moment)
killing pablo - my own way
old firm derby - best of 3
killing pablo - chuffnut
old firm derby - untied

Hopefully well have some CDs ready by the new year for distribution and sale and what-not, so keep your eyes peeled! Also Id like to encourage everyone to head to the Cartoon Club on Tuesday the 23rd cos OLD FIRM DERBY are playing a show with HALF ARSED and its free entry. Take it easy. Dunc

20th December 2003
Welcome to our spanking new website which hits the net today. Its not all finished yet but will be updated regularly so keep checking back.
The band would like to thank our web-master Roger for all his work on the site, hes done a very good job. Take care one and all. Dunc

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